About Us

Infinite CBD and Trinity organics was created with a clear initiative: To develop premium CBD products through caring, innovation, and excellence.

Our beginning

This dedication to product quality stems from CEO Sean Brown and Co-Founder Trinity Brown’s own personal journey with CBD. As a mother, she has always wanted to bring comfort and compassion to as many people as she could reach. Her serendipitous discovery of CBD fell perfectly in line with this passion.

As she started to struggle with sleep and other issues, Trinity began looking for natural support for her body. Her Husband mentioned she may find what she was looking for with CBD.

Trinity purchased many products from many brands, but only a couple of them provided positive effects. Little did she know that this experience would be the beginning of an incredible journey with her Husband, an avid cyclist and Executive Chef for 20 years with advanced knowledge of testing products, who has found CBD to help with his recovery, sleep, anxiety, pain management and mental well being.

Infinite CBD - An image of Sean and Trinity, founders of the company

Our mission is simple, to help you, by creating the best products on the market.

We want to pioneer a new generation of people living a preventative wellness lifestyle. We plan on achieving this through the science, innovation, and the premium supplementation at Infinite CBD and Trinity Organics, and building your business with tested and proven products you can trust.


Which CBD Product Should I Choose?
There are several ways to administer CBD: Ingestion Softgel / Protein Powder The most common way to take CBD oil is to ingest it orally, such as our soft gel and protein powder. When CBD is ingested, it passes through the digestive system and is metabolized by the liver, sending the active compounds to the bloodstream. This form of administration is the same manner in which most supplements, medications, and vitamins are administered. Tincture When CBD is administered with drops, it is held under the tongue so that the mucous membranes can absorb the active ingredients of some of the CBD oil and deliver it to the bloodstream right away. The rest of the CBD oil is ingested providing the same benefits as softgels for extended effects. For quick relief, our tincture is ideal. Direct Application/Sports Cream This product hits the spot by targeting localized effects. These CBD products are designed to be applied locally onto the skin. The active ingredients in this CBD product are absorbed through the skin with a skin penetrating agent. Our sports cream is ideal for those looking for isolated relief and can be applied directly to where needed most.
Full Spcetrum vs Isolate? What is the Difference?
Benefits of Full Spectrum CBD The Floyd’s of Leadville Soft Gels and Tinctures Full Spectrum CBD products provide – in addition to the active plant CBD compound – a synergic effect that supplements and enhances the benefits of CBD for extra strength. The enhanced benefit has been widely recognized and has its own name – the “Entourage Effect.” The Entourage Effect synergistically combines the benefits of other terpenes to maximize their potential. The process involved for the Full Spectrum products results in a trace amount of THC. Benefits of Isolate CBD CBD Isolate is a purified cannabidiol without cannabis and residual cannabinoids. Products made with CBD Isolate contain zero THC making them safe for people concerned about drug testing at their place of employment. CBD Isolate is also perfect for people who don’t need the full capabilities of our Full Spectrum CBD.
What is the Difference Between Hemp and Cannabis?
The key difference between hemp and marijuana is the amount of THC (Delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol) and whether the cannabinoid will cause a euphoric effect. Cannabis has a well-known chemical compound, THC, that is responsible for producing a high. Hemp, on the other hand, produces no euphoric effects as it has less than 0.03% THC on a dry weight basis to be considered legal.
Is CBD Legal?
Hemp is legal in the United States provided that the plant contains less than .3% THC by dry weight.

Happy Customers

I am almost completely RX med free! Needless to say, I am elated! Thanks for improving my quality of life!
- Beverly J.